Reviving Pakistani Film Industry with the Right Jodi!


Lollywood Old DaysThe cinema has been one of the oldest and most effective forms of media. The memories of the good old days are always better than the present and remembering them touches one with a euphoric feeling of a bitter sweet reminiscence. It is these sentiments that are shared by those who remember the glorious past of the Pakistani film industry. The old Lollywood glamour of melodious tunes, charismatic stars and brilliant dialogues have since time immemorial played a huge part in providing entertainment for all its movie goers.

The Pakistani film industry was not only home to shinning stars but gave birth to legends. Famous personalities like Waheed MuradPakistani Filmstar Waheed Murad and Nadeem who was better known as the chocolate hero of Lollywood, touched lives with his subtle and romantic style of acting which earned him tremendous popularity amongst the youth. Then there were others like the beautiful Zeba and the graceful Noor Jehan who redefined the glamour of the silver screen.  And let’s not forget the gifted and multitalented Nadeem and Mohammad Ali who are remembered lovingly by their fans even today.

The golden era of Lollywood which was a period from 1960 to 1970 brought many blockbuster hits to the screen such as Armaan, Teri Yaad, Zinda Lash and Neela Parbat. This was also the time when color films were introduced and black and white cinema saw met its demise.

What must rise must fall and a similar fate was met by the Pakistani film industry which was struggling with many issues from 1980s onwards. A very small numbers of studios were producing over hundred films annually and faced with competition from cable television network the industry was heading for a collapse. The number of films started rapidly declining spelling the doom for the industry which was a source of livelihood for many. Competition came also from across the border where the production quality was very progressed leading to migration of viewers from local movies to foreign ones.

Afzal Khan aka John Rambo of famous PTV Drama Guest houseAround the same time the Pakistani TV channels were thriving. People now disillusioned with the film industry were turning to drama serials for their entertainment. Actors like Afzal Khan who is popularly known as ‘John Rambo” of the serial “Guest House” were providing the much need comic relief to his audiences. Plays by Haseena Moin would depict the reality of the Pakistani society beautifully and pull the heartstrings of its viewers.

There is no doubt about the depth and variability of talent in Pakistan. The Pakistani television is a proof of that and it is the need of the hour that inspiration is taken from it and an organized approach is carried out to revive the struggling film industry.

Many veterans like Syed Noor and Sameena Pirzada responded to this call and brought to us films like Jeeva and Inteha which played a huge part in restoring hope the hearts of those who are associated with the industry. Everyone knows that Lollywood needs a drastic makeover and a much needed comeback. This can only be done by pumping new blood and introducing new faces on the screen.

Lollywood is in need of an identifiable couple that has dazzling chemistry and star power that Shan and Reema shared on screen starting from Bulandi and continuing to various other films. . Take for example the most recently successful endeavour by Engro Foods Ltd. and its brand “Tarang”. Having started a series by the name of “Hero Bannay Ki Tarang”, the company has taken up the challenge to find new talent in Pakistan which will best serve the Pakistani film industry. The first round of Hero Bannay Ki Tarang identified three actors who are now making their way into the entertainment industry.

Hero Bannay Kee Tarang Reality TV Show
The place where the auditions are bein taken and performances are given to the 3 members jury comprises of Syed Noor, Reema and Afzal Khan (Aka Rambo)

This time Tarang has gone a step further in the search for the best “Jodi” that can cast a spell on its audiences and bring back the glitz and glamour of the days gone by needs to be found and rekindled. A successful pair that has the talent and grace to make it big can single handedly drive a movie to its success and this would play a huge part on resurgence of Lollywood.

The need for revival of the Pakistani film industry is something that was noticed by local FMCGs too who took it upon themselves to promote it by sponsoring acting based reality shows that are hunting for young and fresh faces to be introduced on the silver screen. Firms like these have recognized the role Lollywood plays in providing employment opportunities to many and entertainment it provides to the masses. Lollywood fans believe that the local industry has much more to offer and that the glorifying days of the past would be regained.

Pakistan is a beautifully endowed country in terms of nature as well in terms of people. We have a rich heritage of culture and traditions that can serve as inspirations to the best of artists. Which other place in the world can boast of snowy peaks and sweltering deserts combined with sandy beaches and rich forests. Lollywood can capitalize immensely on the scenic beauty and variation in talent this country has to offer and recapture the magic once again. If we start believing in the potential that is out there and combine that with our sincere efforts it is my belief that we would be part of relentless force that would be comparable to none and our films would enter the hall of fame that would be similar to those Hollywood and Bollywood boast off.

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