Low budget telefilms can save Lollywood, This is HOW?


By Rizwana Shaikh

Lollywood actress Saima has suggested low budget telefilms as a possible solution to the crisis-hit film industry. She is of the view that Lollywood can be saved if all the concerned ones play their role accordingly and take it as their family. She is herself working in a tele film “Daivar bhabhi” along with Moammar Rana.

Low Budget Telefilms Save Lollywood

She is one of those actors who are continuously working in movies when many others have said it goodbye and joined TV industry for their career and financial survival. This way she has at least contributed on her part some way or the other in hard times of industry.

Although, tele films are meant for TV more than cinema, however, this idea can be executed and realized solidly to a certain extent. Film making at present is really a hard nut to cracker in terms of finances, production quality, and marketing because of having a large canvas.

Taking a look at the comparison of feature length and tele films, there are certain points that give upper hand to the latter.


There is a hell of a difference between a feature film and a mix of TV and film formats; a difference of almost one or two millions and more than a hundred millions. One point, however, may be  notable that tele films for cinemas will have to be shot on 35mm.

We can cut down on music, songs, dances, and unnecessary action. Rather the investment should be done on strong marketing. Social media is a powerful tool these days to market the product and building the opinion of people in favor.

Production quality:

Quality and standard is the biggest problem of Lollywood. It’s directly linked with investment. Spending the amount of 1 or 2 millions sensibly can solve the problem. Also the subjects should be of the type that can shot up in limited resources, like a story involving less characters and locations etc.. If done by TV production houses and channels, tele films can have a far better quality.


It’s one of the most important aspects of TV and film production.Without a proper advertising campaign in this age, cinema industry can’t reach its audience. Being cheaper than feature length, tele films can spare a handsome amount for marketing. This can be handled with more ease as the channels have direct links with advertising agencies.


Lollywood desperately needs a fresh look, on camera and in production, direction, and screenwriting also. If fresh directors work upon the idea properly, they’ll be able to do better than the same old names.


Tele films can have commercial sponsors and media partnership more than the productions directly done by Lollywood directors, as our industry unfortunately doesn’t enjoy a good reputation.

Release options:

This thing also goes in favor of tele films. As being a mix of television and film, they have the release options of both TV channels and theatres.

Watching a film in theatres is a full fledge experience as we go out, spend money, and give our time. In return, we want quality entertainment. Cinema industry has got to be an important role regarding  entertainment which is suffering badly in Pakistan, but what so ever the circumstances are, we have to have courage and raise our standards, if we are seriously to survive; not only financially but for the sake of art and our very ownself as artist.

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