Reema to produce another Indo-Pak movie


Reema Khan is all set to produce another Indo-Pak movie after “Love Mein Gum“. The movie will be her first venture after her marriage and the name is soon to be announced.

Reema Khan

Reema Khan actually took permission from her husband for this project and is now looking for businessmen to finance this next Indo-Pak movie. This is just an idea right now, but as soon as Reema gets financers, she’ll turn it into a real project. Finding financers for a movie is a pretty tiring task, so Reema won’t be doing it alone. She has asked her sister Maairah Khan to help her in this regard as she works in a reputable bank. As a manager, she worked in Reema’s last venture “Love Men Gum” too. Her previous project also proved to be successful and this might be the reason why Reema is interested in starting another Indo-Pak movie project.

These days we are hearing a lot about the revival of Pakistani film industry and hope her next venture will play its part well in this campaign. So, watch this space for more details about Reema’s next Indo-Pak project.

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