Veena Malik to be a Sex worker in Zindagi 50-50


Veena Malik is likely to create another big controversy in Pakistan. This time it is her part in an upcoming Bollywood movie Zindagi 50-50.  

Veena Malik is to play the role of a real-life sex worker, named Madhuri,who moonlights as a sex worker in Mumbai for a couple of years so that she could support her family. For this Veena has been in Mumbai and has been meeting sex workers very discreetly.  She is focusing particularly on Madhuri.

According to Veena, the story of the movie has changed her attitude towards women and in particular, sex workers. She says that the Director, Sanjay Ruja, had asked her to play a different role in the same movie, but she insisted on playing the role of Madhuri (Duh, Why should she stay away from gossips?).

She instantly empathised with the duties of Madhuri to meet the strings for her large family. Veena thinks that it maybe because she herself comes from a family of five daughters and one son and she understands how it feels to live in a ‘male-dominated’ society.

Veena Malik spent hours with Madhuri, getting to know her hard life. Veena says ”In the daytime she is a normal bourgeois girl like most of the women, but in night she puts on her burqa (veil) and moonlights as a sex worker in the red-light area of Mumbai. I loved the dignity that Madhuri carries with her in her life and work and  I hope I am able to convey the same dignity in my performance of her role”, (Ok,now this statement may have serious repercussions to Ms I-don’t-care).

Taking up the role, it has encouraged Veena to think about the lives of sex workers and their betterment. She asks cynically, that for animal welfare there are NGOs, laws and activists, but who cares about sex workers? (Now, here Veena maybe right!). Veena think that these women deserve a much better life than they have.

via Bollywood Hungama

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