Beygairat Brigade Aalu Anday [Audio/Music Video Review]



Music and controversy sometimes go hand in hand; it’s been three loooooong years since we’ve seen another controversial political satire song. Back in 2008, it was Shehzad Roy with “Laga Reh” which included the socio-political matters of Pakistan – it is currently one of the most talked-about-controversial songs coming out from a Pakistani singer in my opinion.

Beygairat Brigade Band

However, 2011 brings out something fresh; Beygairat Brigade – a new band from Lahore comprising of Ali Aftab Saeed, Daniyal Malik, and Hamza Malik. Their first, as well as their breakthrough, single Aalu Anday (eggs and potatoes) have been a major hit, with over 76000+ shares on facebook and 100,000 YouTube video views in just a week.


I wasn’t even familiar with this band (Beygairat Brigade) before and right after listening to their stuff as a first-timer; I’m pretty much amused to say the least. “Aalu Anday” is one of those thought-provoking songs that’ll probably last forever for its attractiveness. 

Without the Beygairat Brigade trio (vocalist Ali Aftab Saeed, Daniyal Malik on the tabla instrument and Hamza Malik as the guitarist), the song wouldn’t have got its charm; it’s all because of their team effort which takes the song to a whole new level altogether. The band should be given proper credit for their bravery to bring up sheer amount of issues in just one song. The music is cheerful. Vocals are superb. The tune of the song is sick. But the lyrics… well, they are out of this whole god-damn world!

Screen Shot from Aalu Anday by Beygairat BrigadeThe video of the song goes well with the audio. The director, as well as the editor, of the song – Farhan Adeel – does one helluva job. The camera-work is neatly done and the rebellious make-up spices up the entire video. The facial-expressions of the trio of Beygairat Brigade, in this video, showcase the rare talent these guys are carrying around with themselves. The tabla guy (Daniyal Malik) specially needs a pat on the back for his remarkable acting.

At last, I would like to praise the band Beygairat Brigade for their larger-than-life song “Aalu Anday” – which kinda sounds/looks weird but it actually has a lot of meaning in it. Hopefully, just like Club Caramel, Beygairat Brigade will come back with another kickass song!

P.S: We intentionally reviewed the audio/music video of the song rather than the political satire and messages it conveyed. 


Audio: 9/10
Video: 8/10

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