OlRock Music Show on ARY Musik, Watch Episode 3 Online


OLrock Music Show ARY musikThe following videos from OL Rock Music Show are embedded just to let our visitors/readers know how boring a youth music show can be ! Don’t believe me ? Okay, you would only come to know after watching it.

Though, It would be unfair to praise here the effort of refreshing the old Pakistani Hit Songs via this show. Like tracks such as Aajana, Qarar and Laiyaan Laiyaan are definitely recorded with a fresh new feel. but again the reviews are mixed as some are praising the cover songs, while others believe the old melodious tunes are just being ruined and nothing else.

Other than that, as the show OlRock is sponsored by a beverage company, the youth show looks more like a cheap advertisement and doesn’t  really engage “youth” in it. If you remember about Dreamers on Aag TV, you might have some idea what I am talking about.

If you are still curious to know more about OLRock do watch the episode below at your own risk 🙂

would appreciate if some one change my mind and help understand the main theme & underlying purpose of this show to us.

Episode 3 – Part 1


Episode 3 – Part 2


Episode 3 – Part 3


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