Mooroo – Patakhi Larki (Audio/Video Review)


After reviewing Club Caramel’s “Deewana” and The Sketches’ “Nind Nashe Vich” earlier this month, it’s now the perfect time to introduce and review Mooroo; a newcomer in the music industry of Pakistan, who hails from the most populous nation of Pakistan –– Lahore.

Mooroo has been influenced to give a shot at music by legendary subcontinent artistes like Kishore Kumar, Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan, Abida Parveen, and Sajjad Ali, as well as by internationally recognized musicians like The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Pearl Jam, and many more.

As soon as Patakhi Larki kicks off, the state and/or presence of mind which you’re in is completely taken away by the beautiful and lively guitar chords that are going along smoothly with the vocals of Mooroo. However, when the song reaches its penultimate end, you’d be surprised as to why a song that actually started off well ended up being just another run-of-the-mill stuff.

The musical arrangements and composing of the song could’ve been better in terms of its melody –– it didn’t sound attractive, and thus gave it a pretty much bland and boring tune. In spite of all this, one thing that stood out –– audio-wise –– was Mooroo’s vocals. More on, the guy looks equipped with heaps of talent, a lot of potential and depth in his voice but he just needs to come up with decent composited tracts to attract the viewers with.

The video of Mooroo’s debut track “Patakhi Larki” shows the gorgeous TV actress and model Ainy Jaffri, who is also known as Maya for her act in famous TV serial Dreamers. The cinematographer, Nouman Waheed brings out the best possible results from the camera whilst the lighting is also brilliant. “It’s unique”, is all what I got to say, as far as the concept of this video is concerned.

At last, even though “Patakhi Larki” could’ve been a better song –– and maybe an anthem due to its catchy phrase –– I don’t really recall myself having to remember about any new musician who came out trying with different aspects of music, and that too in their debut track. So, for that bravery, and in terms of experimentation, Mooroo’s stint at music must be given a nod!


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