Ali Zafar using Katrina Kaif for fame?


Ali Zafar using Katrina Kaif for FameWell well well…What do we have here? Seems like Ali Zafar has gotten wither into some tiff with Indian media or what seems like an affair.

The rumour has it that Ali Zafar is trying to get EXTRA closer to Katrina Kaif. The two have been working together for an upcoming film, Mere brother kee Dulhan, but the words on street is this that they are more than friends now. The two have been spotted hanging together on spots.

According to a source, Ali Zafar is trying too hard to get closer to Kat and his attitude has also changed since the rumor hit the roads. Kat was also spotted at his appartment. It seems that Kat has no problems with her hanging out with Ali, but her friends think that he(Ali Zafar) is only using her to get the media attention.

Well Ali, the plan seems pretty good, but you should be careful honey. Your wife may not like it, even if its a rumor. But just for the sake of it, there is no smoke without fire.

via Times of India

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