Zeb and Haniya to release an upcoming EP this year


Zeb and Haniya new album EPThe Express Tribune reported on 12th of May that the talented female duo of Zeb and Haniya has signed with the record label True Brew Records to release an up-coming EP.

What’s an EP ?

EP stands for “extended play” as they are longer than the original single , usually containing 4 tracks. Artists usually release EPs before their whole abum comes out. It is to give the fans a taste of what is coming. It could include anywhere from 2 to 10 songs often depending on the length of the full album.

“We are feeling a bit more confident, so we are taking a few experimental steps here and there, kind of pushing our envelope a little bit,” said the vocalist Zebunnisa Bangash, popularly known as Zeb. She also added that they are looking to collaborate with and involve several well-known and lesser-known artists in this EP.

Speaking to Tribune, Zeb also praised the Indian entertainment industry by calling them having a “huge classical music tradition”. It is definitely a possible hint that Zeb and Haniya would love to work with the Indian industry.

“In the past few years, our folk covers have gained more attention so our compositions had been left behind,” said the guitarist Haniya Aslam, before claiming that this time the duo will specially look forward to put in their own essence, their own composition.

Their up-coming EP will feature a track called “The Happy Song” that has gained popularity already as it is clearly a beautiful song that defines the “beauty during a time of darkness and turmoil”.

*Source – Express Tribune*

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