Veena Malik refuses starring in ‘Saali B***h’ sequel


the controversial in general and beloved in the liberal sections of Pakistan!

Veena Malik Saali B-i-t-c-hPakistani model and actress Veena Malik has turned down an offer by Indian rapper Ishq Bector, who offered Veena to star in his controversial sequel of a single called ‘Saali Bi***’.

Veena who is making waves in Indian Press these days, was not happy with the offer and came up with a statement like:

“He had the guts to approach me for a sequel to that song ‘Saali B***h’. He wanted me to ”debut” in his music video that he plans to come up with and is calling it Saali B***h

Ms. Malik who made it big via hit reality TV show ‘Bigg Boss’ while talking to the media explained this as:

“I’m someone who supports women’s issue and causes, and this guy Ishq Bector just approached me to feature in his next video. He is destroying today’s youth with such messages. For me it’s a straight decline,”

P.S the news story covered above is published in all the leading online major publications of India. All of the the digital media covered the news exactly with same words. which depicts its more like a ‘Press Release’ than an organic news. We are just wondering which PR Company Veena has hired for her promotions.

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