Ali Zafar performed and sung another bollywood track F.U.N Fun Funaa (Video)


ali zafar in fun fun funaAli Zafar has performed a stunt sequence at the climax of LUV KA THE END using an SUV and those who were present says he was great with the skids. Zafar’s media manager told us, “During the climax there is a scene where he has to drop the girls home and he refused to use any body double or stunt driver.

This Y-films production will release on the 6th of May and stars Ali Zafar in a cameo role as Freddie Kapoor, the biggest rockstar in the region. Ali Zafar has not only performed but also sung the song F.U.N FUN FUNAA at the movie climax.

As the song title describes it’s a clubby, cheerful track with very catchy lyrics. It’s interesting how out of all the actors/singers in the sub-continent, film house chose Ali Zafar. When the director was asked he said he couldn’t think of anyone else. Ali can look good and knows his music. He was best suited for this role.

You can watch the video song ‘F.U.N Fun Funaa’ featuring Ali Zafar below:

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