NOORI guys to re-unite at PACC, KARACHI GIG


Noori's Karachi GIG with Gumby and Ali Jaffri

Just a few moments ago, the band Noori updated their fans about an upcoming GIG of them in Karachi, which they are organizing themselves for the first time. The Ali brothers created hype for the event in a video blog, as they named the gig ‘NOT TO BE MISSED’ .

Like all we were also curious to know about what they are actually offering in the GIG. Some said it would be Exclusive Merchandise or Goodies, some were of the view that they might collaborate with Qayaas – a rock band to whom they praised and released their debut album Qayaas –  and so as one friend said It will be premier of their NEW MUSIC VIDEO.

When we asked our ‘inside sources’ about this, we are told …

Okay first of all please do read the complete event information Noori has put up Online then I would reveal in the last what actually is the NEWS 😛


A GIG ‘NOT TO BE MISSED’ — presented by noori themselves

Date: Friday, 6th May, 2011

Venue: PACC Auditorium, Karachi

Time: 8:30 p.m.

Tickets available only at Nando’s, opposite Boat Basin, Kemari Road, next to Pizza Hut
(Tickets will be available from late evening of April 30th, and onwards)

For the first time in the history of this band, noori is creating it’s very own gig, on the 6th of May. And no place better to do that than in Karachi, especially when the city hasn’t hosted a noori concert for ages!

They (noori) are calling this A Gig ‘NOT TO BE MISSED!!’. Why? …. You will only find out on May 6th! There is no doubt one of the biggest surprises this band will ever share with their fans!

But mind you, this is a highly exclusive performance, and there are VERY LIMITED SEATS available. If you are lucky enough, you will get to see it live, in front of you. Otherwise (and in any case) visit the noori Facebook page on a daily basis, as we will be regularly updating you about what is in store for y’all!

Here is the Video Blog Noori recorded to communicate and promote this event:

and Now is the NEWS TIME ! DANG !

so the Band Noori is gonna Re-Unite again in Karachi again with its old fellows ! Yeah The Band Noori will be re-united at PACC for a LIVE performance as Ali Jaffri on BASS and GUMBY will join the band on DRUMS. It would definitely be worth watching and rocking performance by this great rock band.

So guys, Jaa Rahay Ho Phir ? Tickets are already limited due to seating capacity, so HURRY UP !

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