Meera accuses Mahesh Bhatt of abusing her


Meera Accuses Mahesh Bhatt of Abusing and Slapping herPakistani Actress Meera, who flied to India recently, has done a blast there as she has gone loud against her mentor in Bollywood Industry – Mahesh Bhatt.

Meera who is now in Mumbai, India these days to meet with the Indian FilmMaker Yash Chopra (who has signed Meera for his upcoming movie)  has blasted the film maker who gave the film actress her first break through in Bollywood. According to a news report and interview snippets, Meera accused Mahesh Bhatt of abusing and even slapping her.

On answering a question asked by Spice Zee News team, she disclosed  the reason of quitting bollywood temporarily like this, “People have talked and written so many things about me but now I won’t remain silent. Today , I want to tell the truth.

Starting off with this, the controversial film actress further revealed that It was not her decision to stop doing Films but actually Maheshji asked her to leave India. Meera accused Bhatt of not liking her fame and interaction with other Bollywood Directors.

Meera in this interview went to the another extent and gave a bizarre statement : ‘ I believe he was jealous of me as I was becoming more famous than him.  He did not want me to work with other directors. I was offered to do films with big directors like Ram Gopal Varma , Mani Ratnam , Subhash Ghai and So on but he(bhatt) didn’t appreciate it at all.’

Mahesh Bhatt on abusing MeeraWhen Bhatt was asked about his stance on these accusations he was of the view that girl needs parental guidance as she is childlike. Mahesh Bhatt commenting on the accusation said: “I have slapped her? First of all, Meera is a unique phenomenon. She is a South Asian treasure. She`s bizarre and innocent at the same time; she`s smart and then completely childlike the next instant. So you cannot feel outraged by her utterances and feel wronged. What Meera needs more than anything at the moment is a parental gaze, which screams out for an urgent need to rescue her from herself.”

Mahesh Bhatt, after knowing about this accusation, also tweeted : “She had said something close to this in the past. I ignored it then. But now I need to say thus far and no further. Meera needs medical help and counseling.

An accusation coming right after she landed to the bolly-land depicts very much a publicity stunt to us. However, this way she is irritating a veteran Indian film maker who has always been supportive to Pakistani artists. If Meera is lying over there, just to get some spicy coverage in the Indian Media, she probably wants to become as controversial as her ex-colleague Veena Malik.We, therefore, think Pakistani authorities should take notice of all this crap as it may result in further breaking the ties with compatible and Pro-Pakistani Indians like Mahesh Bhatt.

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