Introducing a young talented duo from Peshawar: Ismail and Junaid


New talented music duo from PeshawarIsmail and Junaid are a talented young duo hailing from the land of hospitality – Peshawar, Khyber-Pakhtunkhuwa. The duo started off playing music in 2007 and came up with a soft-rock track ‘Jeena Nahi’ . The band continued to play LIVE at various gigs/events and finally managed to win a battle of the band held in LUMS lahore.

After making and playing songs in English and Urdu Genre, the band then decided to switch over to their native language – PUKHTO – to give the world a message of peace and to bring a positive change in their own Pushto Music. Their first Pushto track did the magic and the band is now famous for their hit Song ‘Qarar Ra Rasha’ locally . The track has the quality that its melody and lyrics are so soothing that even the non-pashto music listeners would love its tune.

The band is committed to change the Pushto Music by fusing it with new genres and rhymes. In an interview given to Pakium, which will be published soon here, Ismail and Junaid revealed that their debut album will have 3 Pashto, 4 Urdu and 3 English songs.

We also want to bring change in the general stereotype about our city,people and province. We,Ismail and Junaid, want to change the general perception about Pathans, the band told us probably the mission statement of their venture.

Now here is the track, I have been talking about and addicted to these days ( it might not work on many instantly so give it sometime in your playlist)

Listen/Download Qarar Ra Rasha

Watch the Official HD Video of Ismail and Junaid

(the video is already a local hit and has fetched over 285,000 views on YouTube only)

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