Xulfi confirms the exit of Junaid Khan from Call


Indeed a very disappointing news for the entire fans of the Pakistani music industry but facts have to be faced: it was well expected considering the fact that for quite a while, Mustafa Zahid (lead vocalist of RoXen) has been with the Call the band as the Guest vocalist throughout the concerts.

Emerging in the month of September in 2002, the band Call was reincarnated with Junaid Khan as the lead vocalist, Zulfiqar Jabbar Khan aka Xulfi serving as the lead guitarist and Sultan Raja playing bass. Managed by Xulfi’s brother Khurram Jabbar Khan; the band became one of the most powerful alternative rock bands in Pakistan and released an album titled Jilawatan. The band reached its highest point after entering Bollywood for soundtrack purposes.

Recently, in an Interview to Express Tribune, Xulfi finally revealed the sad news of Junaid’s departure from the band as he stated, “He [Junaid Khan] is very busy with his acting and personal commitments.” It was also revealed that the former band member was working on his solo album without even informing him. “We have lost our common ground. When that happens, the band cannot survive. I have done other projects too, but they have always been under the name of Call. You have to pick one identity,” said the disappointed Xulfi.

To add insult to injury, Junaid refused to release a statement regarding the shocking departure when The Express Tribune Reporter approached him.

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