Junaid Khan to Release New Single “Keh Do”


Junaid Khan new single Keh DoCall’s ex lead vocalist and now an actor Junaid Khan has only one thing in mind: making an impact with his upcoming single. Along with Mehreen Syed, Junaid is currently working on a single titled “Keh Do” which is expected to be released this September.

Regarding his latest project, Junaid has revealed, “Keh Do” is my next solo track. The first one as you might remember was a duet with American singer Jennifer Jandris, which was “So Close So Distant”. This marked my first solo project working alongside Call as well. “Keh Do” is the second solo project that I am planning to release soon. The concept of the song is very simple, slow and mellow. The main concept behind the song is something, which I relate to very strongly. I am not singing it just for the sake of it; it’s something, which I believe in. We normally hold our thoughts and words in being expressive towards our parents, siblings, partners, friends or people who are close to us.

These could be emotions of respect, love, annoyance or affection. The reasons for their suppression could be many, but whatever it may be, they are strong enough o keep us from being expressive or saying something to our dear ones. But when that person is not in front of us, only then we realise the importance of those words we kept unspoken. So the concept is regretting later of how one did not say anything when the opportunity was there. My song basically conveys the message of speaking your heart out to your loved one before it’s too late.”

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