GEO TV’s AAG and Super Channel Banned in Pakistan, welcomed by masses?


    GEO-super-AAG-TV-Banned-PakistanGEO TV Network – Pakistan’s biggest TV network with huge viewership – is under trouble these days and two of its channels GEO Super and Aag TV has been banned in Pakistan.

    Just after the end of World Cup, Geo administration terminated its Sports Channel transmission and their GEO news channel started giving news like their Channel had been banned by PEMRA in Pakistan. However, that was not true as the channel could be watched but with a ‘Cross’ on GEO Super’s Logo.

    Now just few hours before, when GEO News announced that instead of Geo Super , AAG TV (an entertainment channel for youth) will broadcast the Indian IPL opening ceremony, It has been disappeared(probably banned) as well.

    GEO network which has always remained Anti to the Government of Pakistan and the ruling dictators, is now claiming (some saying propagating) that Government is using such tactics against Jang and Geo group to cause heavy loss.

    At one side where GEO channel is in quarrel with Government, on the other side Cable Operators of Pakistan are also not happy with the Media Group. Earlier, during the world cup matches, the cable operators of Pakistan have protested for their rights and have remained the channel closed the whole day.

    Possible Reasons behind GEO TV Channels’ suspension:

    The GEO News Network has always been a major stake holder in Pakistan’s Politics. Electronic media is now considered the fourth pillar of the state and this media been the reason so many times to bring change in systems and  Governments. Some analysts and media persons accuse GEO Network for working on the sole agenda of dissolving Governments. Geo Groups’ credibility has been declined drastically due to which the common people on roads, hotels and public places can also be heard saying this all.

    This termination should also be seen in such a context where certain accusations are made on GEO. Some of the accusations against the Group are listed below:

    1. GEO has some affiliations with certain political groups
    2. Over times, GEO never played a fair, neutral and unbiased role but rather reported as a biased media.
    3. GEO TV exposed Governments’ corruption and poor decisions, but it was more for their ‘Personal’ interest than ‘National’ interest
    4. GEO TV is also accused for ‘Sensationalism’ and giving extra ordinary hype to some non-important issues.
    5. GEO broad-casted violent footage on its channel which was not suitable for many audiences.
    6. GEO was playing in the hand of others by showcasing the  negative image of Pakistan in the world.
    7. GEO channels – Aag TV and Super TV – broad-casted more INDIAN content than Pakistan’s.

    How’s public seeing this all ?

    Soon after we shared this news with our readers, almost 80% of them supported this decision taken by PEMRA and demanded to extend this Ban on GEO TV. Some of the comments are published below:

    Rehma Abid : They Show 90% Indian Content and 10% Pakistani Content.
    GEO Entertainment is the first Pakistani Channel to show “Indian Awards Show” and other Indian Contents.Other Pakistani Channels also followed them.Hate GEO Network.Ban them for life.

    Haxan Ahmed : If GEO network is Showing IPL 4 in Pak then it should be banned in Pak for the whole IPL season…… 🙂

    Rameez Akhter Ilyas : Aag back on now, on WorldCall in Karachi … They’re showing today’s IPL highlights … But, I agree with majority of the comments here, Its a good thing that Super was banned … And they went out of line as well when they started showing …sports on Aag, coz they only have a “youth and entertainment” license for Aag and they breached that … Aag is a channel that I liked, but if they go against the rules then the ban should stand … Super should be banned only on the basis of the amounts of adds they show in between cricket matches and spoil the experience … Tax evasion is done by a large number of corporations in Pakistan and its good that the government has started taking action on it … Hope they go after other organizations cheating on taxes as well

    Umair Baig : Geo looked more of an Indian channel. Is it true that they were going to show Ipl?

    Muhammad Mansoor : Kya kabhi Geo News per ye news aaye ke aaj kashmir main itne log ko indian army ne qatal kardiya?

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