Aag TV Shuts Down!!!


Aag TV shuts downThe Leading Entertainment music channel of Pakistan, AAG TV, today got shut down after being on-aired on Pakistani airwaves for 7 long years.

The music channel of Geo TV networks, Aag TV, was launched first in 2007 to promote the new music and artists of Pakistan. Aag TV was basically a channel to target young audience, and it also started with some youth oriented programs and shows to attract the new generation. The channel did introduce new talent and musicians through its wide reach & “network backing” but after sometime it started losing its viewership as the Youth turned towards other competitive music channels.

Over the years, Aag TV started losing its worth, credibility and even TRPs after it started playing the music of only “Fire Records branded artists”. Fire Records, which is Pakistan’s biggest record label right now with contracts with all major Pakistani musicians, is also facing hardships under the leadership of Mr. Akber Yezdani.

There might be many other reasons for its downfall, but it is quite understood that the channel was not serving its purpose fully and therefore this bold decision is taken by the upper management of Geo Network.

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