Strings Again Concerns to Socio-Political Song ‘Main To Dekhoon Ga’


    Reports reveal that Strings are getting ready with another video. Strings are expecting that like their previous work this effort will also be acompained by the support of their fans.

    Strings have always been concerned with the socio-political conditions prevailing in Pakistan. They have released unforgetable and touchy songs like “Beirut” and “Ab Khud Kuch Karna Paray Ga”. Once again they are planning to hit the music charts with yet another socio-political song.

    The new song refered above is composed by Bilal Maqsud. Bilal has also given the lyrics. Faisal Kapadia will be singing the song giving it a touch of his versatile vocals!

    Strings, stir up the magic once again. We are waiting.

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