Uth Records-Episode 3 featuring Usman Riaz & Ali Noor (Noori)


“Uth Records is a youth based music reality television show launched by Ufone that provides talented young musicians a professional music platform for their original work to be seen and heard across Pakistan, irrespective of age, gender, language and background.

The Third episode features Karachi & Lahore based Usman Riaz & Ali Noor

Hailing from a musical family background, this young 20 year old artists’ passion for music was inspired primarily by his grandmother within the classical genre. A vocalist and ‘percussive guitarist’ also inspired by the Piano, Usman Riaz has performed live for audiences at events such as Celesta International Cultural Arts Festival held in Lucknow, an event for Calvin Klien at Port Grand and on a diversity of television and radio shows.

Having previously recorded his work entitled Flashes and Sparks, Usman is currently working on writing, composing and recording a series of new musical compilations. At Uth Records, Usman immensely enjoyed the freedom he had from the show’s producers and he will be playing an entirely new composition, ‘Hum Tum’, with musical guidance from top Pakistani artist, Ali Noor. For this young talent, music is his magic.

Speaking about his experience at Uth Records, Usman Riaz says “My experience has been wonderful. I am very grateful that all these established artists have selected me to write a piece with them. It was a very eye opening experience where I got to see how they work and the best part is that I had complete freedom. Each part that I composed, they built around, instead of having me modify each part….”

So here goes the Third(3rd) episode of another Musical Show called , started by Pakistan’s Popular Telecommunication Company UFONE. The Third episode features Karachi & Lahore based Usman Riaz & Noor

Check out the Complete Episode below:

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