Ali Zafar is now a father!


    Ali Zafar is now a father!

    Ali Zafar is having the best year ever! He is mixing his next album Jhoom, he stars in Teray Bin Ladin, a Bollywood flick with AliAli Zafar becomes Fatherin the lead no less and best of all, Ali is now a father!

    Ali, who has been married to Ayesha Fazli, his “long time love” for almost two years now has a son the couple has named Azaan.

    Ali announced the news on Twitter (@AliZafarforu) on the afternoon of March 7.

    “God had blessed us with a baby boy. A little sooner than expected but the best thing ever to have happened to me. Can’t explain the feeling”, tweeted the overwhelmed new father.

    As is already apparent, Ali is completely besotted with his little boy. “I think my son has super powers, like looking through souls”, he said in a tweet a few hours after his son was born.

    Ali also has a blog which he updates regularly – not as frequently as his Twitter – but is still worth a read in case you are an Ali fan and have spent restless nights wondering what kind of thought process the man who conceived ‘Channo’ possesses (

    So to stalk your favourite popstar, get clued in to what he’s up to, or simply communicate with him, log onto one of his web forums.

    Source : Instep News

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