Download Mauj’s Debut Album “Now In Technicolor”


So here u go with another PakiUM Xclusive , Mauj’s debut album “now in technicolor” is now available to download exclusively here at

yeah but u will also have to purchase it. People who lives outside Pakistan kindly please buy it online from here :

those who can’t buy it from amazon & itunes we are sharing few tracks from the album though we have got the whole album but to support the artist we are not uploading the whole album but some selected tracks to let you taste the album quality. I personally think all the tracks are re-mastered again so u would love to hear paheliyan & Khusfehmi again.

here is the track list:

1. Khayal
2. Awaaz
3. Aye Na Aye
4. Baat Barti Gayi
5. Hasratein
6. Mona
7. Kal Kya Pata
8. Khushfehmi
9. Pyar Ka Jadoo
10. Paheliyan

[Album Links Removed Upon Request Of Omran Shafique]

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Download the available tracks & remember where u get the latest & Xclusive  stuff first.

Keep checking for more hot updates.

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