Coke Studio Season 4 House Band Members (Pictures)


Omran Shafique Coke Studio House Band MemberHouse Band Members of Coke Studio are an integral part of this premier music show and they have contributed a lot in the musical performances of legendary stars as well as aspiring new musicians who are featured in the Studio.

Coke Studio Season4 also has some great line up of in house experience band members, these include:

  • Asad Ahmed (Karavan),
  • Babar Khanna,
  • Louis J. Pinto a.k.a Gumby (Noori),
  • Jaffer Zaidi (Kaavish),
  • Javed Iqbal,
  • Kamran Zafar a.k.a Mannu (Ali Azmat),
  • Omran Shafique a.k.a Momo (Mauj),
  • Rachel Viccaji,
  • Zulfiq Ahmed Khan a.k.a Shazee,
  • Sikandar Mufti (Co-Ven),
  • Zoe Viccaji etc.

Following are their latest Pictures from Coke Studio Season 4, as gathered from Coke Studio Official Website:

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