Mauj Band Revitalizes with Co-ven for a New Album


Mauj Revitalizes with Co-VenBy the end of 2012, Mauj Band will release its second album, the name of which is still not disclosed.

Mauj band released their debut rock and roll albumNow in Technicolor in 2009, which included popular songs like Paheliyan, Mona, Khushfehmi and Khayal. After its release, the band became somewhat inactive and the song releases came to a stop. The band members were seen working individually but no song was released in the past three years.

This time, Mauj has come back with some other band members. The new line-up consists of Sikander Muft, Sameer Ahmed, and Hamza Jafri who actually belong to Pakistani rock band Co-Ven .

According to Omran, “The new line-up, which has been performing under various banners in the past, will provide a unique identity for the band”. He further added, “I don’t think that the process of making music ever stopped; its an ongoing process and we hope to bring good music again,”

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