Jimy Bars ft. Psychedelic Jedi – The Light (Music Video)


Artist: Jimy Bars ft. Psychedelic Jedi
Song: The Light
Recorded, Mixed and Mastered By: Phatkapp
Beat By: www.annodominination.com
Song Written By: Samson, J. Brown, F. Yousaf
Film Produced By: J. Brown, Phatkapp, F. Yousaf
Director – J. Brown
Cinematographer – E. Paterson
Editor – J. Brown
Kapp Bars Production Logo Design – S. Blackman
AM Productions Logo Design – J. Brown
e.p. Cover Photo – S. Beazley

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Jimy Bars
Now it seems these days it’s all dead dreams
It really can hurt so much you just want to scream
Wish you could go back to being thirteen
Fast as hell after that bell, chasing that ice cream
But we always missed the truck like we always missed the dreams
Now it’s just so hard to try and stay clean
Hunter S, Basquiat and O.D.B are some who’ve had these problems
We read, looked and even listened to their shit though we never actually solved them
And it’s like we love the crazy shit going on through their heads
Half from drugs and a sorted meds
Then how in the hell are we ever suppose to get ahead
I mean did Cobain have the right idea
Staring down the barrel
Life so unclear
Waiting for the day for death to appear…


The light shines through the sky
Letting us all know why
Why we survive
Why we stay alive
Why we sit and write
Why we rap until the day we die

Psychedelic Jedi

In my life got two rules
Do what your heart says stand your ground if someone says otherwise
I’m a bit straight forward and a bit obnoxious
World doesn’t phase me as rap is my passion
But for the rest rap is just fun
For them rap is just a means of entertainment
For me it’s a matter of life and death
Too many rappers but a unique pearl like me is hidden
I am to tired of the fake rock n roll listener
They want me to sell out do what everyone else does
Do covers like everyone else
But for me all it matters before I decease is my name that your remember
My words are like a sword that had got them uprooted
The words I’ve said is what I have witnessed in this life
But in return I have been left with no modesty or patience
That’s my story…


The light shines through the sky
Letting us all know why
Why we survive
Why we stay alive
Why we sit and write
Why we rap until the day we die

Jimy Bars

I know it might seem that we’re getting a bit of track
But trust me brother soon enough we’ll get right back
To the crack, the pills, the acid and all the other issues
But actually here right now there is a much bigger point I am trying to get through to you
That is the kids, that’s exactly what this is
The message I’m trying to convey
The main reason why I spit
But I am really worried I fucked my brain
And it sounds like crazy shit
Oh no, look here we go, we’ve gone full circle
My head is hurting and I’m really trying hard to say
Society and drugs will hurt you on any day
Sorry, sorry, sorry, for getting a little bit deep
I need to get this shit out before you turn to sheep
Just another number, brick or face in the crowd
Bent over, chained, beaten, whipped while you’re down…

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