Xiaomi Joins Hands with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital


In the Auspicious month of Ramadan, various companies pull their socks up and start their community service campaigns given the occasion. Something along the same lines was done by Xiaomi, however, their attempt was not kept limited to the month of Ramadan but till the 15th day after Eid. Xiaomi, in affiliation with Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital, pledged to donate a certain amount off every purchase to the organisation. The fact that, Xiaomi is continuing the tradition of giving away and sharing in Ramadan, beyond Ramadan is commendable.

Xiaomi Shaukat Khanum Memorial Cancer Hospital Donation

Xiaomi, collaborated with one of the most trusted charitable organisations in Pakistan and vowed to donate Rs 1000 for every mobile phone sold via http://mistore.pk/, from the profits received. The donation is also kept valid alternatively for every eco product purchased such as power bank, hands free, mi band etc, Xiaomi will be donating PKR 100 to SKMCH.

Marketing Director Smartlink Technologies, Mr Ahmad Butt reinforced the idea of helping others out as he went on to say ““I strongly believe that whatever we do in life, we cannot succeed until and unless we reach out and help those who do not have any support in their lives. When we got the opportunity to collaborate with Shaukat Khanum Trust for this campaign, we jumped right in because if we can have anything to do with the difference that SKMCH makes in people’s lives, we can be proud of not only our initiative but also the empathy from our customers” The intention behind the entire campaign comes out pretty clear and cut.

Shaukat Khanum Memorial Hospital, in 2016, recorded almost three times the number of registrations, and five times the number of visits in 2000. Over the last fifteen years, the Hospital has seen an increasing trend in the number of treatments provided to its patients. It is fair to say that Xiaomi, through this initiative will be helping save many troubled lives across Pakistan.

Xiaomi, even though a relatively new competitor in the market here in Pakistan, has managed to garner quite a lot of appreciation by the kind of work they are doing in the community service sector. With an initiative that is set to, and already has, helped several people with their medical miseries, Xiaomi in partnership with Smartlink technologies has definitely taken a positive step in the way of development.

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