Rebellious Antagonists and Psychedelic Jedi – The Message (Official Music Video/Lyrics)


Rebellious-Antagonists-Psychedelic-Jedi-The Message

Band: Rebellious Antagonists
Artist – Psychedelic Jedi
Song: The Message
Label – Desi Legion Music
Directed by – Ati Javed
Dop & Camera – Zeeshan & Nouman
Produced by – Vinnie Paz Oath of Goat

Watch music video below:

Verse 1
donno where to start From the fact that it all is a fight for the charts or is it because i talk bout islam in all my tracks so it made me look like a retard or that you trying to win the hearts with these corny bars about girls like u the ace of hearts or grabbing those private parts two can play a game with these cards but whats the point of having dead bodies on the cost guards but never will u find me off guard we talk bout the truth or u got ur posy telling me they gnna kill me or u calling me a mother fucker cause u not me talk is cheap brother knock the beef brother stop being a creep brother go to sleep brother no need to weep around the corner of the street we have no beef all m saying is u aint pac nas or jay z nor u could ever be me make songs bout girls that kids like point fingers at us that we talk right take a hike

Verse 2
m glad u aint afraid of nobody but be scared of Allah cause he watching u n me mein kro ga dil ki baat chahy bura lagay ya acha mein ho haq kay sath kr dou ga in sub ka parda fash rokna hai tou banao mujhe ek lash mein chahta hou islam teri soch ghalat hai agar tujhe lagta hai kay chaho mein naam nai dost mein rap kro sirf ek paigham per teri diss mein tou nay gali de mujh ko meray dis mein sabak diya mein nay tujh ko farak yeh hai mujh mein aur tujh mein mujhe nai chahay koi lable deal mein mär jao ga per yeh alfaz nai hogay seal i will keep saying fuck illuminati fuck every cunt cause m a pakistani n all this fahashi is not that my religion taught me my legacy is gnna reach eternity

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