Tum Jo Mil Gye Ho (Cover) By Soch – Music Video



Band: Soch

Song: Tum Jo Mil Gye Ho

Directed by: Hamza Khan

Watch music video below:


Would like to share how this hilarious idea came to our mind.. As we were sitting pondering over how to create this video, one of our friends, totally detaching himself from the topic and that’s his habit started telling us his experience of how he came across some spirits.. This discussion of what we call “JINS” had now become serious.. And all of a sudden our dear dear friend hamza khan baande who happens to be the director too came up with idea of having SPOOKY yet FUNLOVING, CRAZY, PARTY LOVING something like “Casper the Friendly Ghost” sort of ghosts in our video.. We didn’t prepare, we didn’t have a wardrobe, no makeup and no nothing, we just landed over to a friend’s place, applied this sticky white base and started recording.. Yes we had to stop a zillion times as we were having laughter fits and the reasons would be clear in this video.. One FRISKY totally INSANE video is in front of you – Soch

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