Dekh Magar Pyaar Say Movie Songs (Full Original Soundtrack)


dekh-magar-pyaar-say-movie-songs-full-original-soundtrack1- Dekh Magar Pyaar Say By Asrar
2- I Am Sweetey By Raj Heer
3- Kabhi Kabhi By Adnan Dhool
4- Kabhi Kabhi (Talal Qureshi Mix) By Adnan Dhool
5- Kala Doriya By Adnan Dhool and Mehak Ali
6- Kala Doriya (House Mix) By Adnan Dhool and Mehak Ali
7- Neray Neray Vas By Adnan Dhool
8- Neray Neray Vas (Talal Qureshi Mix) By Adnan Dhool
9- Tasveer By Mooroo
10- Tasveer (Talal Qureshi Mix) By Mooroo
11- Tauba Tauba By Sara Raza Khan
12- Tumhein Dillagi (Band Version) By Soch (Adnan Dhool)
13- Tumhein Dillagi (Film Version) By Adnan Dhool

Release Date August 14, 2015
Genre Romance/Comedy

DMPS will be featuring a spanking brand new look for a romantic movie filled with twists, turns, surprises and everything in between, all the while slitting the throat of all cliche’s associated with romance, based in the cultural capital of Pakistan. In the words of the director, Asad U. Haq, “I envisioned an avant-garde look & a strong, imaginative storyline for my brain-child, “Dekh Magar Pyaar Say” anchored in an uber-stylised contemporary hyper reality & I thought, what could be the best way to go about it? The answer was instant. You gather your usual suspects to make it happen!”.

A Shiny Toy Guns Presentation in association with HKC Entertainment
Produced by: Ali Murtaza and Asad ul Haq
Edited by: Yong at VHQ
Music by: Soch, Asrar, Mooroo, Sara Haider and FireTiger
Background score: Abbas Ali Khan
Production Designer: Beenish Umer
Creative Director: Hassan S. Yasin
Graphic Designer: Asma Humayun
Styling by: Saima R. Bargfrede
Cinematographer: Nic Knowland
Line Producers: Fatema Gain/Muaz Iqbal
Assistant Director: Mohsin Kamal
Directed by: Asad ul Haq
Starring Humaima Malick, Sikander Rizvi, Irfan Khoosat & Aqdas Waseem.
Cameos by Humayun Saeed, Hassan Sheheryar Yasin, Meera & Aamna Ilyas
Directed By Asad ul Haq
Written By Saba Imtiaz
Screenplay By Ijal Khan and Asad ul Haq
Produced By Ali Murtaza and Asad ul Haq

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