Amir ‘King’ Khan Losses #StingChallenge


Sting Challenge Result

Amir Khan, the two times former world boxing champion finally took the third and final #StingChallenge. It was the most difficult of all three tasks set by Stingers on Stings’s Facebook page, but Khan did not hesitate to take the challenge. “Stingers, I must say I’m impressed with the last #StingChallenge! I’m on it,” Khan left a comment on the page.

For the final rounds, the Stingers set the challenge of 143 speed punches in a minute. Amir ‘King’ Khan started well but unfortunately reached to only 117 punches in the given time. With that, Stingers won the #StingChallenge by 2-1.

Sting Challenge FinaleWatch the final round of #StingChallenge to determine the winner. The results were unbelievably thrilling.

Posted by Sting Energy Drink on Tuesday, November 3, 2015


Earlier in round one, Amir Khan lost the challenge to finish 420 skips in a minute but later, he came back with more power in round two and punched the boxing bag with almost double force. He won the round two and equaled scores.

Throughout the #StingChallenge, which started from a meet up event in Lahore, Amir Khan kept himself in interaction with his fans on Sting Facebook page; he was reading all comments by himself and commented on almost all posts.

The #StingChallenge may have ended but Stingers are still motivated. The brand should cash this opportunity and introduce another interesting campaign very soon.


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