DrAssenator ft. Johnny JD – WhiteBoyzFly (Listen/Download Mp3/Lyrics)



Artist: DrAssenator ft. Johnny JD
Song: WhiteBoyzFly
Music : DrAssenator
Lyrics : DrAssenator & Johnny JD
Album : DeepThoughts By DrAssenator
label :Pakistani’s With Attitude – P.W.A
Mix Master : DrAssenator

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-Artist Bio:
Junaid Hussain, better known by his stage name Johnny JD, is a Young Rapper, Singer, Music Producer, Music Composer, Songwriter, Musician, Recording Artist & Model from Sialkot Pakistan, Started to Rap at the age of 10th.



Verse 01: DrAssenator
Fresh Outta School, Cause I wuz a high school crap
So i dropped my bag and choosed to rap over these duche bags
Talkin’ too much Swag-swag
Man, i ain’t rippin’ i’m rippin these guts
Fuck you, i cut the guts hand me a machete
I’ll get in my zone, two rubbers but never gave a fuck?
When i do, i’m making you niggas cutting my ver-ses
Cause when-they-play- my tracks on different dails
Women bang, when i hit the mics
And they think’ they rap tight
Fag niggas ain’t gridin’ we on real shit
Publicity stunts, bitch , catch a flick, word up

Karr Adaar Jivein main tera father
Rap’ mera real, saudaghar
Darday mere kolon aay khiladi saray
Jivein’ rap da main god-father
Khiladi batheray par mere jayaa koini
Chaly street’an wich naa mera jivein main god-father
Main rap’da god father’ daku asli main karr adaar

Verse 02: JohnnyJD
Dekh sade wal teri akhan vich khof away khof tanu anda odo kiun tu satho door door bajna we samne ni kharda we piche galllan karda we han yeah 4 gallan karke tu banda kalakar teri kalakari ajj loka nu batani 2 lafz atho chuk 2 lafz otho chuk ahh yaki lake tu banda kalakar jay beta tu bann na ah hit chuk ke kalam fer geet likhne sikh bol tere bacheyan wale taur teri khusryan wangoo nach nach ke tu perann vich kungroo pake loka nu dikhayen jo tu karda ann nale kenda phirda ahii jay rap hoon sunno meri gall kann khol ke sary rap ki ? pehle paro fer karo ..


Verse 03: DrAssenator
Karr Adaar Jivein main tera father
Street poet, ho I’m like godfather
I’m born this way, so i stay iller
But when i’m on these instrumentals i keep it killer, yeah-yeah
My life’s a bitch and her pussy crazy & i’m workin’ day n night for the fam
To make that pussy pay me
Too explicit, thinkin’ i might censor-a-bit-but-can’t-shit,huh
Born this way
So, I staying iller
See, these times are hard and they are getting even harder
Was once loved a girl, now baby mother got a father
But she like’, did number on me, so i’m doing numbers on her
Cus, i’m kinda crazy & i’m goin’ crazy..father
Cus, i’m justa menace from crazy block & numb
Keepin’ my attitude, killin tube souks

[Hook outro :DrAssenator]

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