You’re a Show Stopper!


A behind-the-scenes gossip between two gals who know what makes a dazzling smile…

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We’re on the set of the Closeup Diamond Attraction ad shoot. The director is making some lighting changes; the catering team are laying out lunch for the hungry crew; and A-list make- up artist Mylah Morales is touching-up star dancer Melissa Molinaro’s already flawless face.

The ladies are talking beauty secrets. And if anyone knows what it takes to shine, it’s Mylah (she’s worked with everyone from Jennifer Hudson to Leona Lewis — but is famously Rihanna’s trend-setting make-up guru) and the gorgeous Honey 2 sensation Melissa.

So what do they think is the ultimate beauty weapon? Some new surgical procedure? Some super-expensive face cream? No. Smile, the beautiful answer is way simpler than that…

MYLAH:  ‘Obviously we’re here with Closeup — and the shoots about toothpaste and the confidence to get closer. Dancers have to be really confident, right?’


MELISSA: ‘You just have to have confidence in general!  Even if you’re not the best dancer, it’s not really about that: it’s just stepping out and being confident about you as a person. Just smile a lot!’


MYLAH: ‘Well you’ve got a great smile…’

MELISSA: ‘Thank you! My dad always said this is my “million dollar smile that he never paid for”! People always ask when I’ll do a commercial to show off my teeth — and this is it!’


MYLAH: ‘The product’s great, isn’t it?’

MELISSA: ‘I love it!  I’m originally from Toronto – we have it there – and I’ve used it travelling in Europe. It’s awesome!’


MYLAH: ‘And the message is empowering…’

MELISSA: (nodding) ‘Yes. How we can all feel more confident. You know, I would say to everyone – aspiring dancer, singer, actress, anyone – that if there’s something you want to do, you have to go after it and never give up. There will be lots of “No’s” but if you want it bad enough, if you have enough confidence, you will get there. I promise you that.’


MYLAH: ‘And confidence is what makes us feel attractive, isn’t it? Closeup is all about that.’

MELISSA:  ‘Totally. For me, to feel attractive and desirable, I have to be comfortable in my own skin. And having a sense of humor that is really good too. But also fresh breath. I say that because I am actually an anal person when it comes to having good breath at all times!’


MYLAH:  ‘In both our professions we get up close to people…  You ever had a terrible close up moment?’

MELISSA: (laughing) ‘Hmmm… Let’s see… On one set the only things to eat were onion bagels. So my scene partner and I had horrible onion breath. We needed Closeup then! I and Chehon [Chehon Wespi-Tschopp, America’s So You Think You Can Dance champion] are going to make sure we have some fresh breath for this commercial today!’


Getting close up, Mylah re-applies

Melissa’s lipstick — and then, with killer smile, it’s back, confidently, to the shoot.


MYLAH: ‘I love the concept of this shoot…’

MELISSA: ‘Oh yeah. Me too. It’s three parts; which is really cool. Each couple serves to each demographic. It’s multi-cultured and I love that about it. ‘

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