Atif Aslam has 150 unreleased songs but he WONT release them


atif aslam 150 unreleased songs

Pakistani super star singer Atif Aslam has denied all hopes of releasing his new album, which is due for last seven year. He released his last album Meri Kahani in 2008. “All these years I’ve composed my music as well. I have a complete library of 150 songs at the moment. I haven’t released them because the business model has completely changed,” Atif told IANS, an Indian news agency.

“Not too many people buy CDs now. They are just into downloading and they need a gap of about a month or so for the next song because they get tired of the album,” told Atif Aslam.

“I’m again trying to do independent music now. I’m working on a couple of songs. I will release them by the end of this year. They are not going to be an album, just singles. That’s the trend now,” told Atif Aslam, who was in India for the Royal Stag MTV Bollyland multi-city concerts.

“You don’t want to waste your effort. You have to follow certain rules and regulations and business model. You don’t run them. As far as creativity is concerned, of course, I can have power, but I can’t run the whole business,” said the singer.

The singer is also collaborating with Tiger Shroff for his new song, Zindagi Araha Houn Main. Discussing about this collaboration, he said that It’s not a preachy song. It’s just about how you enjoy your life… whatever you are doing, just enjoy yourself.”

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