Waqar Zaka’s Abusive Video Scandal: FAKE or REAL?


****Disclaimer**** this post contains 18+ language in embedded videos and screenshots.


Waqar Zaka’s new scandal has just surfaced over the internet, where the VJ turned Host was allegedly drunk in a club in Dubai and was heard abusing his haters in a video blog.

Waqar Zaka has been on vacations for quite some time and posting many videos of his trips in a form of video blogs. The videos which are uploaded on Zaka’s Personal Facebook profile are available to watch for general public, due to which its getting popular on social network but also drawing negative feedback from his haters.

A couple of days ago, a video surfaced over internet in which his voice could be heard while he was busy abusing his haters and asking them not to call him “Maila” (Cheap guy) any more. The video went viral instantly as thousands of people believed it to be true, so they spread it, tagged their friends on it and even left their nasty comments on the original video.

After watching that video clip any one would believe that its Waqar Zaka himself, but luckily his face was not anywhere so one simply can’t prove whether its originally him or its a FAKE video.

After it went viral, Waqar Zaka immediately posted a rebuttal video to avert its effect. He denied categorically that its him in the video and appreciated the talent of those who took their time and “created/fabricated/synced” his voice so brilliantly.

Take a listen to what Waqar Zaka has to say about it here:

Amazingly, Zaka also shot the rebuttal video in a dance club. Upon inquiring a bit, and comparing both the videos we found many similarities in them. (Must be a co-incident or perhaps Facebook’s auto optimization of the video, so we keep our judgement to ourselves).

Last night we put a status on our facebook page, to ask our huge entertainment savvy community about their views about the video. Most of the fans termed it as original, some called it a FAKE video while others were confused about it. A handful number of respondents also wrote “no body cares”.

So among these comments, a person claimed that the video is 100% original and was actually uploaded by Waqar Zaka himself on his OWN Facebook account. 😮

Now this was quite a shocking statement which we couldn’t ignore. Upon asking more, the guy also claimed that he had also downloaded both the videos(yes, there were actually 2 videos uploaded on the account) as he knew it will be deleted in sometime. That’s just not all! the guy promised to even share the “screenshots” of Waqar Zaka’s profile and some more of his abusive comments on facebook.

After this conversation, we kept on contacting this guy but he didn’t respond at all for a whole day. Believing it to be a false claim and wrong lead, we lost hope about it. But then today, he just came up with all he had promised 😀

Here’s the 2nd Extended Video which was allegedly also uploaded by Waqar Zaka on his own facebook account, but was later deleted to avoid any bad situation.


If the video doesn’t convince you yet, here are some screenshots of Waqar Zaka’s profile taken by our source:

(BTW screenshots can also be photoshopped, but these seem legit to say the least!)





It is worth mentioning here that Waqar Zaka has also been involved in various controversies in the past but still holds a position of Assistant Vice President on a leading TV Network ARY. Be it the issue of showing inhumane treatment of animals in his show or broadcasting a girl’s kiss on his lips in an audition, he is criticized by so many critics and social activists time to time.

So what do you think now? Did Waqar Zaka script it all to gain some cheap publicity ? or was it a mistake which Waqar Zaka is now trying to cover up with his back to back video blogs?

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