Love Me Or Hate Me, Choice is yours: Waqar Zaka


You people might think Waqar Zaka as the most hated personality currently present in Pakistani showbiz industry, but the reality is against your introspection. VJ-turned-TV show-host Waqar Zaka has ultimately found success with his show Living On The Edge, in which Zaka asks participants to perform the wildest dares on screen; these stunts have made his show much more popular than any other reality show in Pakistan.

Waqar Zaka

Being the producer and the host of the show, Zaka said,”If a fan says the most daring thing he can do is slap his mother, then that is what he finds daring — I didn’t ask him for it. We are a nation that needs to be tamed and with my show, I am giving Pakistanis a chance to vent their frustration. It’s better that they vent on my show than on someone else on the street.”

His previous seasons, involved challenging and strenuous dares- but for the upcoming season, Zaka is enthusiastic about launching the concept of the ‘biggest brain in Pakistan’ — a show which has nothing to do with one’s IQ level. “It has nothing to do with your intelligence and everything to do with your presence of mind, for which even the biggest losers [academically] have made the cut,” says Zaka. “The only reason people love to hate me is because I am dark and skinny and not a buffed up handsome dude. Had someone more presentable been doing the same show, no one would have objected to anything,” He continues.

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