Guru Lahori and Vivek Rajan feat. Xpolymer Dar – Shikayat (Listen/Download Mp3/Lyrics)


Artists: Guru Lahori and Vivek Rajan feat. Xpolymer Dar
Song: Shikayat

Guru Lahori & Vivek Rajan from Calgary, Canada in collaboration with Xpolymer Dar from Rap Engineers from Pakistan. Priding themselves on lyricism Guru Lahori and Vivek set out to tell the story of a girl who is angry at herself for the mistakes she has made with the various men who come into her life. Xpolymer Dar does his part to talk about how men should learn to take care and not ruin the lives of the girls who trust them.

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Lo , kahani suno ik kuri di
December di naeri raat
Sink pai churi si
Sheeshay wal takay
Undi akhan cha pani
rondi si kal te
rab minu hal de
kyun k
loki ethay tang karday ne
ajeeb o gareeb
galan kar de ne
bawan – lakeeran nal parian ne
jivain bawan uthay churian larian ne
mein kehya
onu ki pata c, onay enj kar jana
raat do kad k , dunia nu das jana
chad k fer, naam jama karay parchi te
Malikah v likhday
ohee parchi ne
kidi ajeeb zindigani
saanv k tu rakheen dil
dunia aaye faani
mein muka deni zindagi
ajj hun ethay
ki kardi aen kuriyaay
ik munday pichay ?
tinu rab te yakeen nai ?
apai paa lendi jean c
halan k pyo mana karda
hovay ga ok kar che
Guru kera darda ?
Lab leni hor koi
Teray te nai marda
Khar ja
Thalay rakh de tu chura
Honda si oh mera
Minu lagda aaye bura
onu labeya si pyar
Minu samjhya c yaar
Pichay hatt , paran ho
Mein, Ghusa dena chura

VIVEK RAJAN (Verse#1):

ok walking down the road alone 2 am,
she was contemplating heavy things like who the fk i am,
he aint even really love me he just wanna get it in,
now why the fk i give it up,
Cuz he aint the first man to come around and do this,
I knew this, and still acted clueless,
I know he at his homeboy house where the crew is,
Showing pictures of me sayin look boys i hit this,
his friends in the corner saying bro can u pass that !
We used to joke with each other guess he had the last laugh .
It’s Flashbacks to when we used to be chill ,
Now we got enough drama to make the fkin seats fill,
Encore refill,
We feel betrayed,
But the weed keep me sane,
What the fk Is u saying,
Thoughtt ud be around for a while so I kept it laid,
Back- took the walls down.
And I had to fall down,
fk being a female
And he be trynna sleep well,
crashing at my doorstep,
This love game I forfeit,
Wasn’t meant to end well and that was just the course set,
It’s going downhill when we fight more and phone less,
But shit I got played so were those convos worth Sumin ,
2 am thoughts Last bus and my souls hurtin,
Last bust he be trynna get out me,
imma pin him to the bed Stab him take a selfie,
Dead body in that back- hashtag that shit,
like y’all was clowning me I be all pass that shit,
And fk jail Imma run town leaving no trace,
All he wanted was my body now I got no face


Aaj de daur ich pyaar aey mazaaq,
mazaaq di dorr ich yaar ne nawaab,
nawabaan wangun inna kurriyaan phasiyaan,
behnaan kise di ishtehaar baniyaan,
car ich bithaayiaan colegun chuk ke,
park ich mukaiyaan sharam hath thuk ke,
luk ke raati callaan milaandi si,
piyo takkay bill o baaz nayio aandee si,
kurriyaun gal ik dassaan
apnay hath apnay ghar di reet,
Jeray puchday nayi maa piyo
unna ki karnee aey tuwadee rees, sun,
sun praawaah, buhtee tharak tenu charee,
maardaangee sabar ich imtehaan di gharree,
o kurreee jeri bus stop te kharree,
aaj shikaar tera kal nu honi teri dee,
Jee, karrwaa lagda aey sach,
badkariyaan tu bach, chal pajj hun,
do minute ich thak, teray dimagh da fuck,
mehngay pai gaye ni khatnay, ithay rakhs,
Mard o jera akh ich haya rakahay,
aurat o jeri sharam ich singhaar rakhay,
Mard o jera akh ich haya rakahay,
aurat o jeri sharam ich singhaar rakhay,

VIVEK RAJAN (Verse#2) :

red and blue sirens in an alley way closed off,
I drain all of ur resources like latinos in a grow op,
young mothers crying for children they ill never see em grow up,
but so what its hell here, so heaven is a quick route,
aint spending time in clubs im just trynna get the bitch out,
it was night when i flown out,
got a call from my connec he said the words out,
some out of town dudes know we stashing we gotta move south,
cross about taking over they market and they fan base,
I said i meet u halfway,
Got the heat hidden under the gas for the last say,
If thats plan A, compadre, we can rendez vous,
at the grande hotel,
i hope they truce,
Or we can do it boom to the chest and the nogan,
they wanna make a deal ill give em more than they bargained,
ill tell u what lets do this quick i got the money counted,
enough to call it quits or keep the family business grounded

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