The Sketches – Mu Na Eeyen Ko Jaato Ho (Listen/Download Mp3/Translation)



Band: The Sketches
Project: Darawar (The Dravidians)
Song: Mu Na Eeyen Ko Jaato Ho – I never knew that
Vocals: Saif Samejo
Poet: Bakhshan Mehranvi
Language: Sindhi
English Translation: Faraz Bughio
Boreendo & Dumboro: Fakir Zulfiqar
Bass: Owais Shaikh
Co-Producer: Nomi Ali
Recorded, Mix & Master: Studio Way Hyderabad
Created & Produced by: THE SKETCHES
© 2013 THE SKETCHES | All Rights Reserved

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Translation in English

I never knew that…
In the name of religion
Our land would’ve to see such days!
The earth will have its religion too
The earth will be Hindu or Muslim too
Enemies of enlightenment and awakening
Enemies of music & melody
Enemies of the beauties of the world
Enemies of humanity
Don’t what they want!
Suppressing laughter’s
Opening respite of sects
Want to inflict new wound
Want to destroy fragrance
Pains and pains will be
Seen through religious dogmas
The dead will have religion too
The dead will be dug out & drag down
The dead will be black or white too
I never knew that
Shadows of trees
Will be Hindu Muslim too
Souring birds will be
Shia & Sunni too
I never knew that
Our land would’ve to
See such days too!
I never knew

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