Sumru Ağıryürüyen in Coke Studio Season 6 – Artist Profile


Set in the continental bridge of Istanbul, we meet the singer and mandolinist Sumru Ağıryürüyen. True to the culture that Turkey’s heritage presents today, Sumru embodies a sense of intercultural fusion meeting both the East and the West with her various music styles.

Sumru is a seasoned artist. Her performances span from events like the Istanbul Music Festival 2012, the European Music Forum to the Strasbourg Méditerranée 2011 to name a few of her many showcases – she has performed with world class musicians in Europe, the U.S, Russia, Azerbaijan, Syria, Israel and Qatar. She has a solo album ‘Issız-Solitude’, and a voice-cello duo album with Anil Eraslan ‘Sert Sessizler-Harsh Consonants’, two Balkan music albums ‘Ayde Mori’ and ‘Balkan Journey’, and ‘Klez-mez’ with her group. Other than her forte in singing, her contributions to the arts have also been as music director, composer and radio host.

On her experience with Coke Studio this Season:

‘Every experience teaches you something. I think to touch each other culturally with you and us is something very new for me. I tried to catch the same language between the cultures. It creates hope about the future. Feeling the energy here is great.’

On this Season of Coke Studio, Sumru brings to the mix her varied vocal expression alongside traditional Turkish elements that meet the compositions of this region in complete harmony.

Watch artist profile below:

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