Muazzam Ali Khan in Coke Studio Season 6 – Artist Profile



Being a torchbearer of a tradition that has traveled through five centuries with icons such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan at the forefront is no easy feat. Yet, seeing that the tradition remains alive today is the responsibility of those such as Muazzam Ali Khan. Muazzam is a Qawwal of the reputed Qawwali group Rizwan-Muazzam fronted by himself and his brother Rizwan Ali Khan. The brothers studied under their father, Mujahid Mubarak Ali Khan who died in 1996, after which they were taught by their uncle Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan – a name that has left a mark on the world of Qawwali on a global scale. Following through in their passion to exhibit the power of Sufi devotional texts, Rizwan-Muazzam were showcased at the WOMAD Festival in the United Kingdom in 1998 after which they released their first album ‘Sacrifice of Love’ in 1999. They are currently signed to Peter Gabriel’s Real World record label.

The duo was featured on Coke Studio Season 3 in 2010 producing the tracks that were ‘Jana Jogi De Naal’ and ‘Naina de Akhay’.

On his experience with Coke Studio in relation to the impact of his performances, Muazzam has this to say:
‘Music is the type of field that you’ll learn something from regularly. When you hear something new, or work in a recording, or during a riyazat, you will always learn something new. So here at Coke Studio, when we discuss ideas and work on creating something, we allow for our Music to grow. And its due to these experiences that we later incorporate our learning into our performances.’

This Season Coke Studio welcomes Muazzam Ali Khan back to demonstrate how within the depths of Sufic texts, the form of Qawwali continues to transcend cultural, language and religious barriers today.

Watch artist profile below:

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