Overload’s 10th Anniversary song Jeet’s video releasing on 14th August’13


Overload’s song Jeet has been released on Overload’s official Facebook page and the video is set to be released on 14th August’2013.

If you haven’t checked already, you can listen to the full song here  or view a snippet of Jeet’s video below:

Jeet is a celebration of the journey of Overload. It is a fun and festive song that will make listeners revisit the roots of their language. There are a number of musicians featured in this song with Sheraz Siddiq, Nasir Sain and Farhad Humayun at the forefront.

Farhad Humayun of Overload expresses what they want audiences to experience when they hear Jeet: “It is a positive song and we want all our listeners to feel a sense of pride when they hear it.”

Jeet has been composed by Farhad Humayun and Sheraz Siddiq while the lyrics have been written by Tahir Shaheer. The audio and video for Jeetwas produced by Farhad Humayun at Riot Studios.

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