Overload Gears Up For India Tour!


Overload India Tour[Pakistan, 13th February 2014]: Pakistan’s leading rock band is all set to enthrall fans across the border. After touring countries such as Japan, Sri Lanka, Norway, UAE and UK, the award winning band is now ready to mesmerize fans from India, for the third time. Overload has always been famous for their unmatched live performance due to which their concerts have been a crowd puller locally and internationally. According to reports, the tickets for the concerts in India are already selling like hot cakes!

The band has been riding high on the huge success of their last singles Jeet and Neray Aah and with the current India tour, Overload seems unstoppable. To kick off the tour, the band will be performing first in Delhi on 15th February 2014, then in Jaipur on 20th February 2014 and subsequently in Mumbai.

Often referred to as ‘the loudest band in Pakistan’ by fans and critics alike, the band plans on living up to the title with this tour. Lead vocalist and drummer Farhad Humayun commented about performing in India, saying “We haven’t played in India since 2008 and we’ve never done the Bollywood circuit. We make music that we love and in our course of ten years as a band, it’s only now that the world is waking up to the idea that music is played for one’s own soul. It’s all about exposure I guess. We are happy that we’ve been invited to India to play what we play and not because we did a song for a film or we look and dress a certain way. We are super excited and we have friends coming to watch the Delhi gig from all over the world.

The band, which was formed in 2003, has gained immense popularity over the years with hits like Cursed, Dhamaal, Batti, Nerey Aah, Maahi and Jeet to their credit. Their chart topper ‘Batti’ was also featured in Mira Nair’s ‘The Reluctant Fundemantalist. The band’s signature sound is their unique fusion of dhol with drums. Overload comprises of Farhad Humayun on lead vocals and drums, Sheraz Siddique on keyboards and Nasir Sain on Dhol. For the India tour, the band will be joined by Farhan Ali on bass, Waqas Ahmed on lead guitars, Ustad Jaffer Hussain on clarinet and Nasir Sain on Dhol with Kala Sain accompanying him on Dhol.

Looks like audiences in India are in for a sure treat with Overload letting loose on stage!

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