Mohib Mirza wants to revive Pakistani films with ‘Silent Cinema’


Mohib Mirza doing pictorial book Silent Cinema

Actor, host, and theater director, Mohib Mirza, who is also famous for portraying the character of Ishrat Baji on Aag TV, is planning to release a pictorial book called “Silent Cinema”, which will also feature Juggan Kazim, Sanam Baloch and Sunita Marshall.

When asked on what exactly it means, Mohib explained at his facebook fan page, “The purpose behind Silent Cinema is that our cinema is silent. I am just trying to depict its true potential for filmmakers and the audience through it. [Silent Cinema is a pictorial book] Just to get and give motivation to everyone that our cinema can be at par with international [standards].”

Talking about the international standards, one cannot miss to write the achievement of Mohib Mirza, who became the first person from Pakistan to win an award at the International Filmmaker Festival, which was held in Kent, England. The talented actor bragged the Best Supporting Actor award for the film “Insha Allah”, which also won the award for the Best Foreign Language film.

Pictures and Work Credits:

Cinematographer: Fayyaz Ahmed
Gaffer: Owais
Makeup & Styling: Wajid Khan
Post-production & Editing: The Creative Garage

Pictures taken from Mohib Mirza’s Official Facebook Page and Website.

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