Oscar winner Sharmmen Obaid Chinoy released a short documentary


Oscar winner Sharmmen Obaid Chinoy released a short documentory in SOC Film’s first International Film. ‘Humaira: The Dream Catcher’ premiered at the CHIME FOR CHANGE press conference in London. The production house is being run under the supervision of Shareen Obaid Chinoy, the same personality who made her nation proud by winning the first Oscar for Pakistan for a documentary film Saving Face.

Sharmmen Obaid Chinoy released a short documentary

SOC Film’s first international undertaking, a short documentary titled ‘Humaira: The Dream Catcher’, premiered at the Chime For Change campaign press conference held at the Soho Hotel in London on Tuesday. Chime For Change is a recently launched global campaign founded by Gucci that aims to raise funds and awareness for girls’ and women’s empowerment. The theme of the film states that As a child, Humaira fought against her family and community in order to gain an education and is now making education accessible to other children in Muwach Goth.

While at the premiere of film ‘Humaira’, Sharmeen Obaid-Chinoy said, “The difference between millions of disenfranchised women across the developing world and me is education. Education transformed my life that is why the Chime for Change campaign is something I strongly believe in. If Humaira were here today, she would second that. The very fact that girls are not even given the option to go to school in so many communities across the world is alarming and those of us who have a voice need to speak up and become their voice.”


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