Malkoo signed Mathira for his upcoming Music Video


Mathira is Mathira. This too-hot-to-handle model and now unfortunately turned singer needs no introduction. The news about this facile artist is like she has been finalised by Malkoo for his upcoming music video. It seems as if ‘Kala Jora’ fame Pakistani musician has found his ‘Billo’ for is upcoming music album under the same name; a proper contract between Malkoo and Mathira has already been signed.

Malkoo Signed Mathira For His Upcoming Music Video

Nothing but just looks, these line can fully define Mathira. A few months back, Mathira released her debut track titled as Jadugar, which got flopped in almost every aspect. The song was latter termed as ‘effortless’ as it got nothing but a down right copy of the popular Akcent song. The Music video indeed got an extreme reaction which hide and covered her mess up.

Talking in terms of Malkoo’s album, After completion, the album will be released both in Pakistan and India simultaneously while Indian musician Pargat Singh would be giving the directions for the same. Prior to ‘Billo,’ the Pakistani singer has already done great job in music by producing countless songs that received warm appreciation, not only in Pakistan but in several other countries as well.

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