Chambaili’s Upcoming Music Raise The Benchmark


Catchy tunes alone can lure people into watching the movie at least once. Now it looks like Pakistani film Chambaili is expected to garner fans with the same strategy. The soundtracks are as important as the script and should be perfectly integrated in the film. Perhaps it won’t be wrong to say that some soundtracks are just better than the film itself.

three dimensional negative roll with musical notes

The news is like Chambaili just set the bar higher with the release of its soundtrack, by using seasoned rock vocalists, as well as newer bands like Azal and Soch. Out of 12-featured songs and one recital, six will definitely grip you — either by the music or with the lyrics.

The next song “Kyoun” is one of the most impressive tracks of the album, written and composed by former Aaroh member Nabeel Nihal Chishti. The vocals are by the underrated rock singer Tanseer Ahmed Daar from Karavan.While Najam Sheraz is the main music composer, a few solo artists and bands have also contributed, and the lyrics are by Shahzad Nawaz — also the producer of the film, along with Abdullah Kadwani.

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