Zeb & Haniya in India for an upcoming project


India has become an emerging market for Pakistani artists, every one seems to be in a rush to reach there. The latest on the list are Pakistani duo pop singers- Zeb Bangash and Haniya Aslam, who are in India after a long gap of two years. The hottest buzz surrounding the two is that they have teamed up with Shantanu and Swanand for the recording of their special music album.
Zeb n Haniya

Talking about their visit to India, Zeb says, “It’s after a gap of two years that we are back in India. This is the first time that we crossed the Wagah border and it was a beautiful experience. We were keen to visit the Golden Temple, however we couldn’t make it as we had to fly back immediately to Mumbai. But for sure, while getting back to Lahore we will definitely stop at the Golden temple at Amritsar and offer our prayers.”

We are here in Mumbai to record our next upcoming music album. It’s a very special album as we plan to collaborative our creativity and voice with Indian musicians. We have collaboratively composed some interesting tracks and it won’t be the typical conventional kind of music. We wouldn’t like to term it as a fusion album but more like a collaboration of music and energy of artists from both the countries that will include different influences. There is no particular theme for the songs that we have composed for the album.

The girls previously got together for the TV serial Dewarists’ song ‘Kya Khayaal Hai’ and did quite a good job at it. This time, the four are together again for another music collaboration. Stay tuned for more updates!

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