Singer and Ex-VJ Komal Rizvi to be featured in Coke Studio Season4


‘Coke studio’ is now a term that is popular, positive and feels you proud whenever you hear its name. Coke Studio is something on which we all Pakistanis feel proud and don’t want it to lose. It has now 4.5 Lac fans on Facebook only and millions of viewers world wide. Most of the fans always remain curious to know more and more about What is going inside Coke studio? and who is going to perform in the next coke studio session? Tension not, when we are here there is no fear. *jokingly*

Komal Rizvi performing in Coke StudioBased on some reliable news sources, we have come to know that Coke studio Season4 will feature and bring back a female star from the 90s. Yes, The pop female sensation of her time – Komal Rizvi – who has the record of being a first Pakistani VJ on ‘Indian Channel V’ back in 90s, will now be performing and making a comeback again via Coke Studio Sessions.

Komal Rizvi’s Introduction:

Komal started her career in early childhood with acting in a popular Pakistani Drama ‘Hawain’. Then She claimed her success with her hit Punjabi song ‘Baujee’. She then moved to India and joined ‘Channel V’ as a VJ. After sometime of it when she was famous, she married some guy and left the showbiz industry. She then tried a comeback in 2004 with hosting on a morning show, but it couldn’t work good.

Komal Rizvi with Aamir Khan being VJ in India
Image Courtesy : Komal Rizvi's Facebook Page

Komal recently appeared on TV Screen with a Reality T.V show based on her comeback plans , the show was aired from MTV Pakistan with the name ‘KOMAL’. She then released an Official Music Video of her song ‘Chahiye’ which was a good high budget video but couldn’t make it very big. You can check out the video here:

Some controversies are also associated with her, reportedly in an interview with Sajid Khan she denied to be a Pakistani and that she was borne in dubai and studied in Nigeria.

At this moment, when our growing music industry has the female sensations like Hadiqa Kiyani, Zeb and Haniya, Faiza Mujahid and Meesha Shafi, it seems difficult that she would be able to dominate in this Niche. Komal’s inclusion in Coke Studio will probably be the last resort for her. If Coke Studio couldn’t ignite her talent , there is no place she can make it big. We are waiting for her performance in Coke Studio. What are your expectations with her ? Can she make it big in Coke Studio ? or you think Coke Studio is not the platform for the pop singers like her ? Share your views in the comments section below.

P.S We tried to contact Komal to take her stance on this news, but couldn’t receive any confirmation or rejection message. Once we get a confirmation about her inclusion, this post will be updated.

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