Usman Riaz – Bone Shaker (Coke Studio Season 7 Episode 4 – Audio/Video)



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Artist: Usman Riaz
Song: Bone Shaker
Produced by: Strings

Song Credits:

Guest Musicians
Babar Khanna | Tabla
Sajid Ali | Flute

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Song Info:

Wielding a modified acoustic guitar, the guitar’s neck and body for percussive accompaniment, Usman has managed to carve out his own signature style. Usman’s debut performance on Coke Studio with Bone Shaker channels percussive sound from the guitar in such flare that it changes ones perception of how the guitar sound or be played.

Bringing forward the first instrumental track of this season, the song opens up with a beautiful and intricate mix of percussion and harmony, delivered with depth, precision. The Coke Studio composition adds a diverse layer to Usman’s track by adding the flute played by Sajid Ali and tabla played by Babar Khanna. The addition of eastern instrumentation delves into the beats exploring unusual micro fractions and superimposing polyrhythms.

Bone Shaker is a refreshing track with eastern classical influences that add complexity and a surprise element to the composition


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