Foreign Dramas Aren’t Threatening Our Drama Industry: Bushra Ansari


Bushra Ansari, the veteran Pakistani female comedian & actor, certainly needs no introduction. She has now expressed her thoughts about the foreign (Turkish) dramas which are being aired on different private TV channels. She is of the view that there is no need to be afraid of these dramas and we should believe in our showbiz industry.

bushra ansari

Bushra during an interview with a local news agency said,”If we have stronger relationship with our own culture then there is no need to be afraid of foreign dramas.” She also said that the quantity of dramas in the country has increased to a significant extent due to the growth of Pakistan media and formation of large number of  private Tv channels over a period of time.

Bushra Quoted,”But I think popularity of few dramas’ being telecast on private televisions show that the quality of our dramas has not decreased.” Couple of days ago, number of Pakistani drama artists protested against these Turkish dramas and compared them to Indian dramas( rivals of Pakistani dramas industry). One main reason for which Pakistani Tv channels are shifting their attention towards these dramas is the “price”. An episode of Turkish drama costs them Rs 120,000, while the episode of Pakistani drama is available in 6-7 lac rupees . This difference truly means a lot to the owners.

On the other hand, the facts doesn’t seems to be disturbing at all, as only 10% of the total viewers are interested in foreign dubbed dramas.

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