Soch – Jinnah (Mp3 Download and Lyrics)



25th December, a day of pride for all Pakistan as this day marks the date of birth of that leader which brought Muslims of the sub-continent to this great homeland

Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah – The man who boosted, directed and commanded the national policies of nearly hundred million human souls; The man who motivated and is the main reason for the birth of a major state and freedom of a beautiful nation ‘Pakistan’.

This is just a humble attempt to bring back to life the long lost narrative of Pakistan’s Founder.

” Hunn Te Aiss Nu Seenay Laa Lo, Hunn Te Mera Mulk Bacha Lo
Tera Jinnah, Mera Jinnah, Ronda Hovay Ga ” – Soch

Muhammad Ali Jinnah or Quaid-e-Azam Pakistan… Forgotten is the great, devoutly Pakistan’s ONLY leader and ironically lost his message in the pages of history. Sadly his philosophies too are left to just empty words clichéd by our shockingly indifferent selves.

Thank You Quaid-e-Azam, it is because of your directionand command that we live and breathe freely in a blessed and wonderful land ‘Pakistan’..But alas!! We in all these years have failed to realize your vision.

Soch, through this song ‘Jinnah’ humbly attempts to shed light on the long lost narrative of the father of the nation..’Jinnah’ is all about how he wanted us to be vs. who we actually are today.

Band:  Soch
Song:  Jinnah
Vocals: Adnan Dhool
Guitars: Rabi Ahmed
Bass: Aamir Aly
Lyrics and Composition: Adnan & Rabi
Music Arrangements by: Adnan & Rabi
Produced, Mixed & Mastered by: Adnan & Rabi at PMR Studio Works
A PMR Studio Works Production.

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Ik Fard Si Sacha Jaya Sohna Jaya
Oh Barra Mard Si Ucha Jaya Sohna Jaya

Kayi Behna Da O Veer Si
Ban Gaya Jo Tasveer Jayi

Tera Jinnah Mera Jinnah
Rondaa Howe Ga

Ik Fard Si Dil Da Narm
Si Odha Bharam

K  Qaum Meri Nu
Milay Ga Chaman Milay Ga Watan

Iss Mulk Di o Taqdeer Si
Ban Gaya Jo Tasweer Jayi

Tera Jinnah Mera Jinnah
Tera Jinnah Mera Jinnah
Rondaa Howe Ga

Mera Quaid Mainu Ro Ro Bolay
Mere Qaum De Bche La Parwa Ne
Mera Quaid Mainu Ro Ro Bolay
Mere Mulk De Qol Thoray Sah Ne

Hun Te Ss Ne Seehne La Lo
Hun Te Mera Mulk Bacha Lo

Tera Jinnah Mera Jinnah
Rondaa Howe Ga


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